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woensdag 27 mei 2015

RADIO NEVERNO looks for contributors!

Radio Neverno looks for contributors Let yourself be inspired by the key words future, art, dialogue, radio, podcast, online, Neverno.

The contributions will be used alternately during the project via several social media and print. Your authorship will be mentioned and´you will reach a new public.

Please send your reactions to .

zondag 24 mei 2015


Still a small two weeks to go and RADIO NEVERNO will start with a splendid opening night talk show with many guests and live acts. We are working 24/7 to realise a good program.

New contributors are popping up, like AK.Bouwman of The Gaepend Gat, Govert Meit will perform, Papamarkou and Dey will perform, prof. Joep Bor will talk and talk, Inspector Casino will host, mr. Calonaci will make promo´s, the list is getting longer and longer...

Update yourself via this blog or via our twitter account.

RADIO NEVERNO, Art radio. Be there and aware.

vrijdag 22 mei 2015

Inspector Casino agrees to contribute to Radio Neverno

Inspector Casino agreed to contribute to Radio Neverno. His press agent sent us
It is really true, Inspector Casino will make radio programs again, now for RADIO NEVERNO!

 Have fun and be aware!

Promo by mr. J. Calonaci.

woensdag 20 mei 2015

Send your future sound files to RADIO NEVERNO

You have sound files on 'the future', you want the world to hear? Send them to RADIO NEVERNO. Online from June 5th-July 5th! Please send (links) to

dinsdag 19 mei 2015

RADIO NEVERNO says hello!

Radio NEVERNO is an ART RADIO STATÌON by Hans Kuiper & Moritz Ebeinger and will start, LIVE, June 5th 2015, with a LIVE program at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam, 8pm sharp!

Via this BLOG you can follow the radio station, listen to podcasts and contact all the stars involved.

Be there! With LIVE talk shows, lots of artists, singing presentators, Neoschlager, more artists, art lovers, noise artists, musicians, performers and more!

People that already confirmed to cooperate at the opening shows are:

From The Netherlands:

Dirk van Lieshout, Rune Peitersen, Govert Meit, Alexis Papamarkou, Jacopo Calonaci, Gaepend Gat 

From Berlin:

Pi Radio, Tiny Domingos

From Lisbon:

POGO (art & theatre)

and more....

More information will follow SOON!

RADIO NEVERNO says hello!