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maandag 29 juni 2015

Before (unfinished) by Fabrice Schomberg, contribution to Radio Neverno

 Fabrice Schomberg contributes to Radio Neverno with his ´Before (unfinished)´project. The composer is Alon Cohen. Editor Janet Cartlidge.

Fabrice Schomberg is a writer and visual artist who currently lives and works in Haifa and Den Haag. One of his projects is ´Sketched Worlds´, that he started around 2006.

zaterdag 27 juni 2015

26/6 Radio Show PODCAST paintings, artist initiatives & real estate!!

De PODCAST van de 26 juni sessies zijn hier te beluisteren. Voertaal Nederlands en Engels.

Gasten/ Guests: RaQuel van Haver (painter), Marc van Dijk & Ovidiu Spaniol (artist initiative Paleis van Mieris), Bart Stuart (W139), Klaar van Lippe (W139), Boss Novski (band) , Joep Neefjes (kunstenaar), Wouter van Rissen (zang & gitaar), Hilke & Jan (song)

The podcast of the live sessions of June 26th is online! Language Dutch and English.

Marc van Dijk & Ovidiu Spaniol (Paleis van Mieris)

Hilke & Jan 

Wouter van Rissen, RaQuel van Haver & Moritz Ebinger

Hans Kuiper & Klaar van Lippe

Boss Novski

Sound engineer Alexis Papamarkou behind the P.A.

Wouter van Rissen

RaQuel van Haver

Moritz Ebinger

Thanks to all contributors!

RADIO NEVERNO (Hans Kuiper & Moritz Ebinger)

Radio Neverno, part 4: paintings. artist initiatives & real estate

A night full of discussion, performances, debate on art, context, the future, housing prices, control of the Dutch housing market and its effects on art projects, performances, a flow of discours and relaxation, soon as podcast on Radio Neverno!

Een avond vol discussies, optredens, muziek, frivoliteit. discussie over onreoerend goed en haar invloed op de kunstsector, een gesprek over schilderen en werken in Amsterdam Zuidoost, het starten van een projectruimte in een zeer groot casco-gebouw, dit alles en meer, binnenkort te belusiteren als podcast op RADIO NEVERNO!

donderdag 25 juni 2015

RADIO NEVERNO Programma 26 juni/ Program June 26th

Het voorlopige programma voor 26 juni op Radio Neverno, live tussen 20-22 uur vanuit Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam:

20.00 Opening : Hans & Moritz

20.05 RaQuel van Haver

RaQuel van Haver is eem 26-jarige schilderes met een atelier in
Heesterveld, een wijk in Amsterdam Zuidoost, de Bijlmer. Ze heeft een galerie in Londen
die haar werk verkoopt en geeft ook les aan een middelbare school in Amsterdam

RaQuel van Haver is a painter who works in Amsterdam Zuidoost (the southeast of Amsterdam), is represented by a galery in London and teaches at a high school.

20.20 Marc van Dijk en Ovidiu Spaniol:

Marc van Dijk is initiator van het Paleis van Mieris, een
kunstenaarsinitiatief in een leegstand pand van het Rijksmuseum in
Amsterdam-Zuid. Ovidiu Spaniol is kunstenaar en betrokken bij het
Paleis van Mieris.

Marc van Dijk is the initiator of Paleis van Mieris, an artist initiative in Amsterdam. Ovidiu Spaniol is an artist involved in this project.

20.50 Hilke & Jan, sound performance

21.00 Bart Stuart

Bart Stuart is kunstenaar en voorzitter van het bestuur van W 139.

Bas Stuart is involved in W139, an artist initiative in Amsterdam , existing more than 30 years.

Wij gaan praten over W139, het kunstenaars-curators-concept en de
invloed van het onroerend goed-beleid op de kunstsector. Daarnaast
uiteraard ook over de behoefte aan zingeving in de Westerse
maatschappij, na het wegebben van de invloed van de kerk, en de
(mogelijke) rol van kunst daarbij..

21.20 Boss Novski, bossanova band

Daarnaast nog enkele surprise acts.

RADIO NEVERNO is a project by Hans Kuiper & Moritz Ebinger.

dinsdag 23 juni 2015

Interview with Portuguese sound artist Fernando Fadigas

Fernando Faidgas is a sound artist living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. In this interview we explore the role of sound in contemporary art, the balance between his teaching profession and his artistic projects and the current situation of the arts in Portugal. Fernando shortly discusses the role of institutions like Gulbenkian & Culturgest and independent art spaces like Plataforma Revolver.

Interview takes about 30 minutes.
Language : English

Interviewer: Hans Kuiper

Below some samples of his work.


Website Fernando Fadigas             Fernando Fadigas SOUNDS

zaterdag 20 juni 2015

19/6 Radio Show PODCAST & PHOTOS

Yes, you read it well, it is two hours of radio heaven. again at Radio Neverno, the podcast of the June 19th show is now online, our sound engineers were working overtime to produce a recording that makes you even flop at your phone, laptop of working place.


Guests: Wayne McLennan (writer, former sailor and member of an aboriginal boxing team, Interview, English), Margriet kicks ass (performance), Self indulgent Asshole (performance), Mark Met (artist/poet improvising with a tube of mayonaise in his hand, German/ Deutsch), Ine Poppe (telling on the coming immigration waves after having visited zje island of Lesbos in Greece, Nederlands/Dutch), Dick Tuinder (telling the story of his nomination for the Normandic Film festival, Nederlands/ Dutch) & Bert Broodje (Punk Museum, Beverwijk, Interview Nederlands/ Dutch).

Radio is still hot, but its use seems to differentiate, lately. In a few hours I will be at another art event in Amsterdam Zuidoost where there will be radio also. Radio Neverno supplies the current volatile but always hungry audience with sound files to be listened to whenever it suits yóu!

Pure Radio Heaven. Capitals. Intenesity, depth and over the border radio, however you would like to interprete this!

Guests were this time Wayne McLennan (writer, former sailor and member of an aboriginal boxing team), Margriet kicks ass, Self indulgent Asshole, Mark Met (an standing poet improvising with a tube of mayonaise in his hand(, Ine Poppe (telling on the coming immigration waves after having visited zje island of Lesbos in Greece), Dick Tuinder (telling the story of his nomination for the Normandic Film festival) & Bert Broodje (Punk Museum, Beverwijk).

Radio Neverno, here we go!

SOUND SAMPLE of Margriet Kicks Ass, Frog in frozen water

More work of Margriet kicks Ass

vrijdag 19 juni 2015

Radio Neverno 19 juni programma/ June 19th program

Radio Neverno presents the following guests tonight at Arti et Amicitiae, during the third event of the Tomorrow Never Knows exhibition. Radio Neverno is a project by Moritz Ebinger & Hans Kuiper.

GUESTS Friday June 19th:

20:00  Wayne McLennan 
20:15  Ine Poppe 
20:30  Ellen de neurobioloog
20:45  Bert Broodje 
21:00  Mark Met (performance)
21:15  Dick Tuinder
21:20  Margriet Kicks-Ass,
21:35  Gilbert van Drunen
21:45  self indulgent asshole,
21:55  22:00 closing statement by Moritz & Hans

woensdag 17 juni 2015

RADIO NEVERNO Programma vrijdag 19 juni/ Friday June 19th Program

Voor vrijdagavond 19 juni a.s. heeft RADIO NEVERNO weer een aantal interessante gasten uitgenodigd.

Coming friday Night RADIO NEVERNO has again interesting guests like 

Wayne McLennan, writer, former sailor and member of an Aboriginal professonal boxing team. Gilbert van Drunen, Margrietr Kicks/Ass, Mark Met, Ine Poppe, Self indulgent Asshole and Ellen de Neurobioloog.

Be there LIVE at 8-10pm at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam, Rokin 112.

Subscribe via the FB page

(Art by Joana Vasconcelos, photo by Hans Kuiper)

zaterdag 13 juni 2015

Stadstekenaars, Harmonicas & baby pianos

Radio Neverno at Arti et Amicitiae, the art club at the Rokin in Amsterdam. The second night LIVE!

Radio Neverno is a radio project initiated by Hans Kuiper & Moritz Ebinger from June 5th- July 5th 2015.

Guests at the second radio event: Hilke & Jan, Hamid el Kanbouhi (stadstekenaar), Papa Adama, Frank Shepard, Efrem Angela, Thijs Rijnsburger. Presentation: Hans Kuiper & Moritz Ebinger.

Below some photos.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Hilke & Jan performed with their self built installation.

Moritz & Hans

Frank Shepard & Papa Adama

Papa Adama plays live.

Hamid el Kanbouhi talks on his drawing project for the city of Amsterdam.

Enfrem Angela plays the guitar and sings.

Suddenly an indian fakir passes by...on his way to...???

Art initiator Thijs Rijnsburger on his projects and plans.

Photography: Hans Kuiper & unknown photographer

donderdag 11 juni 2015

RADIO NEVERNO Program 12 juni/ June 12th

20: 00 Opening door Hans Kuiper & Moritz Ebinger, initiators of the project.
20: 05 Frank Shepard (acteur, mc, danser o.s. oh this is so contemporary) 
20: 20 Papa Adama 
20: 30  Bert Broodje Directeur Punk Museum
20: 45 Hans en Moritz bespreken de toekomst plus live ingezongen nieuwe jingle door Theo Veldema 
20: 50 optreden Papa Adama
21: 15 otreden Efrem Angela Acustisch Gitaar
21: 25 of Hans en Moritz spreken door tot 22:00 eventueel met gasten 
21: 35 of optreden van Nancy Acid  

zondag 7 juni 2015

Radio in an art context: Radio Neverno

By Hans Kuiper

After some time I am involved again in a radio project, this time at the exhibition called, ''Tomorrow never knows'. at Arti et Amicitiae. The project runs from June 5th till July 5th.

Radio in an art context. In the other halls of the exhibition there are 'sub curators' able to plan their own program during the one month exhibition time. That concept can make the exhibition very dynamic, because it changes every week. Also at Radio Neverno, we every week have new guests and a new program, contributing to the dynamic concept of the curators who invited curators.

Round table discussion with art initiators from 'Open Art Route Zuidoost', W139 and Lucas Mertens, a house gallery, with active public participation.

I made up three names, one of them Radio Neverno and Moritz Ebinger, with who I do this project, thought also this the best name. Elsewhere I wrote on the concept of online radio nowaydays. Is it still working? Who is listening, on what moment? Is live streaming still working today?

Gover Meis is performing in the installation built by Tiny Domingos. Visitors (among them some people working for Arti et Amicitiae, the art club harbouring the exhibition) enjoying the show.

Moritz and I both are experienced radio program makers. I know that online radio, when it is not communicated properly will not be able to build up a public easily. And that there are people listening live often might proof to be an illussion. Podcast radio might be the best, when you don't have a big budget to be more or less omnipresent, some say. But doesn't online or podcast radio have potential in specific communities, like the art community? Can we create a vibe on the spot (the live radio performance) and online (the podcasts) and thus build up an involved community?

Artist Tiny Domingos interviews visitors on their vision on the Future, the main theme of the exhibition. Domingos created a horoscopic installation on hwich basis he discusses with visitors.

For me radio is part of a bigger networking activity which runs in and outside the radio studio. ideally, you talk to artists every day and you'll understand more about their visions and work. This is all background information of great value to be able to gain more depth in your programs. I also invited some artist of my own network, to integrate them in the show and actively participating in enlarging networks. Moritz Ebinger, my radio partner, does the same.

Member and non members of Arti et Amicitiae enjoying the live show.

In Radio Neverno, I explore the role of networking within a specific artistic community for a month and reassess the potential of radio within this. Will participants feel a connection with the project? Will they listenonce in a while to a podcast? Is unfinanced community radio that really adds something possible? These are questions playing through my mind.

Artist duo Blue Duvet during their sound performance /Alexis Papamarkou and François Dey)

RADIO NEVERNO at Arti, some photos of the opening night. The whole opening night show can be listened soon by  clicking on the podcast player on the Radio Neverno blog or website.

A continuous flow of people roaming around the exhibition sometimes watching, sometimes participating, also grabbing the microphones to make their statements.