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zondag 7 juni 2015

Radio in an art context: Radio Neverno

By Hans Kuiper

After some time I am involved again in a radio project, this time at the exhibition called, ''Tomorrow never knows'. at Arti et Amicitiae. The project runs from June 5th till July 5th.

Radio in an art context. In the other halls of the exhibition there are 'sub curators' able to plan their own program during the one month exhibition time. That concept can make the exhibition very dynamic, because it changes every week. Also at Radio Neverno, we every week have new guests and a new program, contributing to the dynamic concept of the curators who invited curators.

Round table discussion with art initiators from 'Open Art Route Zuidoost', W139 and Lucas Mertens, a house gallery, with active public participation.

I made up three names, one of them Radio Neverno and Moritz Ebinger, with who I do this project, thought also this the best name. Elsewhere I wrote on the concept of online radio nowaydays. Is it still working? Who is listening, on what moment? Is live streaming still working today?

Gover Meis is performing in the installation built by Tiny Domingos. Visitors (among them some people working for Arti et Amicitiae, the art club harbouring the exhibition) enjoying the show.

Moritz and I both are experienced radio program makers. I know that online radio, when it is not communicated properly will not be able to build up a public easily. And that there are people listening live often might proof to be an illussion. Podcast radio might be the best, when you don't have a big budget to be more or less omnipresent, some say. But doesn't online or podcast radio have potential in specific communities, like the art community? Can we create a vibe on the spot (the live radio performance) and online (the podcasts) and thus build up an involved community?

Artist Tiny Domingos interviews visitors on their vision on the Future, the main theme of the exhibition. Domingos created a horoscopic installation on hwich basis he discusses with visitors.

For me radio is part of a bigger networking activity which runs in and outside the radio studio. ideally, you talk to artists every day and you'll understand more about their visions and work. This is all background information of great value to be able to gain more depth in your programs. I also invited some artist of my own network, to integrate them in the show and actively participating in enlarging networks. Moritz Ebinger, my radio partner, does the same.

Member and non members of Arti et Amicitiae enjoying the live show.

In Radio Neverno, I explore the role of networking within a specific artistic community for a month and reassess the potential of radio within this. Will participants feel a connection with the project? Will they listenonce in a while to a podcast? Is unfinanced community radio that really adds something possible? These are questions playing through my mind.

Artist duo Blue Duvet during their sound performance /Alexis Papamarkou and François Dey)

RADIO NEVERNO at Arti, some photos of the opening night. The whole opening night show can be listened soon by  clicking on the podcast player on the Radio Neverno blog or website.

A continuous flow of people roaming around the exhibition sometimes watching, sometimes participating, also grabbing the microphones to make their statements.