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vrijdag 19 juni 2015

Radio Neverno 19 juni programma/ June 19th program

Radio Neverno presents the following guests tonight at Arti et Amicitiae, during the third event of the Tomorrow Never Knows exhibition. Radio Neverno is a project by Moritz Ebinger & Hans Kuiper.

GUESTS Friday June 19th:

20:00  Wayne McLennan 
20:15  Ine Poppe 
20:30  Ellen de neurobioloog
20:45  Bert Broodje 
21:00  Mark Met (performance)
21:15  Dick Tuinder
21:20  Margriet Kicks-Ass,
21:35  Gilbert van Drunen
21:45  self indulgent asshole,
21:55  22:00 closing statement by Moritz & Hans