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maandag 4 juni 2018

For our lovers of radio suspense

Coming wednesday, June 6th we move to Berlin for the Berlin Biennale. For our lovers of art podcast radio suspense we uploaded a Berlin Biennale song which is listenable at the website.

The coming weeks we will upload interviews, impressions, lots of photos of the preview of the Biennale, which will be a complete surprise, even to us...we don't know what to explect this year from the Biennale, what art we will encounter and artists we will be able to meet...but doesn't make that the trip much more exciting again? We might accomplish the ideal state of the artist and radio initiator...openness for new works, people, vibes and secrets!
BUT! Most important we will upload and stream sound works, soundscapes, soundsound and soundnosound.
Berlin is still the magic city of art, or is that just an image of the past, a kind of mythology which doesn't fit anymore the current realities? Maybe we will meet many disasters, many chewable, sellable, 'art products', well designed and thought over by artists with mind sets of 'graphic designers' or, worse, advertisers?
Let's not give in to these horror scenarios, radio is a fluidum, a fluid medium, whether it be podcasted or broadcasted...Radio Neverno will always look the danger, right into the eye!
Keep an eye on this site because, you never know, there might really be something NEVERNOS happening....