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donderdag 4 juni 2015

First interviews at Radio Neverno!

By Hans Kuiper

Even before the opening of the show we conducted our first interviews. 'Presentation platformGaston Ter Horn (from M4 Gastateliers) and Künstler und Projektrauminitiator Tiny Domingos (Rosalux, Berlin) talked about thier projects and perspectives.

Thursday afetrnoon, I am working on getting the studio work, to create some sound, together with Ed, the technical assistant from Arti et Amicitiae, while Moritz is exploring his newly acquired old skool iPod that he wants to use for the project.

Tiny Domingos pops in, he just arrived in Amsterdam from Berlin. A short glance at the exhibition room and off he is to find wood for building a structure in the room.  Everywhere people work in the rooms next door, for making a great opening show at June 5th, 'Tomorrow Never Knows', the last Jubilee Year Show of Arti et Amicitiae, founded 175 years ago and situated at the Rokin in Amsterdam.

It is always a surprise how a radio project goes, technically as with guests. Some guests cancel their appointment for an interview, totally new ones pass by. So the project already starts a day before the official opening.

After having worked the whole day, Moritz, Tiny and me have diner in the nice restaurant of the art club. Artist Freddy Beckmans passes by, shows his tattoos from his Berlin years, he used to be a frequent visitor of Berlin and tells crazy stories on the 80's in German to us. German becomes the language of our first interviews, as Moritz ' native language is originally Schweizer Deutsch and Tiny and I are used to talk in German.

Soon this German podcast will be online, here on the blog and at our soundcloud page, Tomorrow never Knows, you know...but Radio Neverno already started!