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vrijdag 5 juni 2015

Getting ready for the opening night show

Radio Neverno is getting ready for tonight! Interviews & performances.
Radio Neverno, vanavond met interviews en performances

PROGRAM (roughly)

20.00-20.10 Opening 
20.10-20.30 Tiny Domingos - performance & interview on 'state of the art & project spaces in Berlin, Germany

20.30-20.40 Gover Meit -performance
20.40-21.00 Rune Peitersen (PBK), interview on artist representation and politics
21.00-21.20 Natusha Croes, performance
21.20-21.30 Round table
21.30-21.35 Neoschlager Live
21.35-21.45 Blue Duvet (live) Closing session
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